Living in harmony with nature is not only a possibility but a reality as well. That is why we wanted to take advantage of the natural environment Antigua Guatemala has to offer and got inspired to create a residence that was not only surrounded by beautiful green scenery but was also designed in such a way that it has minimum impact on it’s surroundings. A truly eco-friendly home that helps take care of our planet.

This is how Casa Ecco comes about, as an aesthetic space that integrates both architecture and ecology to provide our guests with a different housing experience in Antigua Guatemala.

Casa Ecco was developed and assembled by combining recycled materials used both during its construction and in the furniture design. The overall architecture consists of five shipping containers that make up the whole house. In addition to various ecological systems, the water is heated by solar energy and incorporates photovoltaic panels, turning Casa Ecco in a house that produces its very own energy.

Also, Casa Ecco has an organic orchard where you will find seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices at your disposal. Both the orchard and the garden possess an irrigation system that works by capturing rainwater and storing it in three tanks installed in the premises.

The heated pool in Casa Ecco appears to be part of the natural ecosystem that surrounds it, using only chemical-free water for your enjoyment. The house also offers you a chance unwind and relax in the Jacuzzi or the temazcal, a traditional wet sauna in Guatemala.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to de-stress with a different activity, the house features a badminton court surrounded by breathtaking views of the three volcanoes that overlook Antigua Guatemala: Volcán de Fuego, Agua and Acatenango.

Casa Ecco is located inside La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences, just 20 minutes from Antigua Guatemala, the vibrant and eclectic colonial town formerly known as Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala. La Reunión Golf Resort & Residences is a luxury-housing complex surrounded by four massive volcanoes, offering its residents and visitors stunning and awe inspiring views from every angle. The area also features a complete golf course designed by the legendary Pete Dye. The luxurious and elegant clubhouse offers a different range of activities like tennis, tappel, mini-golf, squash, football and a swimming pool for every guest to enjoy.

Casa Ecco incorporates a design and architectural layout comprised of various spacious rooms, allowing comfortable accommodations for both families and friends with a total capacity for 13 people.
Casa Ecco’s sustainable architecture makes it the ideal place to stay in Antigua Guatemala, providing you with a fresh look at what eco-friendly travel and design can look like.

The main house
- Master bedroom with a king size bed and a full bathroom complete with a tub
- Second bedroom has two queen beds and a full bathroom
- Family room with a 60’’ TV
- living and dining room, kitchen and studio

Independent module:
- Bedroom with queen bed and a bathroom
- Bedroom with queen bed, and imperial bed with bathroom
- Kitchenette with a mini fridge and microwave.

The outdoor area:
- Heated pool
- Jacuzzi
- Temazcal (traditional wet sauna)
- An organic orchard
- Badminton court
- Barbecue area

Working with a special and collaborative dynamic and being led by architect Patricia Arenas, the whole team behind Casa Ecco has become a big, diverse family. Architects, engineers, landscapers, decorators, partners, workers and artists have worked endlessly to make Casa Ecco the beautifully sustainable paradise it is today. The philosophy of the project approach has ensured that every person gets involved in a direct and personal way to bring you the best experience you could possibly have during your stay. Also, teamwork has been vital to the conceptualization and creation of Casa Ecco, an organic dynamic that was visible from the start. This idea of teamwork and collaboration was later materialized in the form of a sculpture on the house premises. The sculpture consists of an installation made from ants, this way honoring the contribution of each person towards a common goal, mimicking what ants do in their colonies.
The Casa Ecco family consists of the following ants:
Studio: P&A Patricia Arenas
Architects: Patricia Arenas y en Colaboración Franklin Contreras, Jaime Castillo
Interior designers: Patricia Arenas y Alejandra Palomo
Landscape designers: Terre de Vie, Oliver Olivier Voisin y Lola Bleynat
Construction management: Emilio Xobin
Planning of structures and facilities: Carlos Sánchez, Hugo Nájera y Viviana Escobar
Ecological swimming pool: Ricardo Roesch, Oscar García (Aquagreen) y Edgar Morales (ITM Pools)
Branding: Sharon Cohen (Martes Creativo)
Photography: Mathieu Hutin
Suppliers: Fraterno Vila (Enertiva), Ferco, Roberto Urruela (Ventanas Alemanas), Carlos Buenaventura (MSA), El Mástil, Juan Pablo Arteaga DMarie, Enrique Chanchavac (Electridinámicos) Félix García (Herrería Santo Domingo), Carlos García (Estructumadera), El Escorpión (lamparas decorativas), German Arauz (plomería), Carlos Soberanis (containers), Marco Tulio Aguilar (Empresa Aluminio),Alfonso Castillo ( AguaLimpia ), Vicente Piche (Cantero Artesano)

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Direct contact:
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Telephone: 2246-9812